19th Ovar International Nature Photography Journeys | AMBID2023/24 – 19OINPJ
Photographic Competition “Ambiente Imagens Dispersas 2023/24”

PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION: Constitution of the Jury
Promoter: Amigos do Cáster
Deadline: Saturday, October 28, 2023
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The Coordinating Committee for the Ambiente Imagens Dispersas 2023/24 (AMBID23/24), informs that the constitution of the Jury for the AMBID23/24 Photography Competition has been changed.
The application of this measure is due to the fact that the AMBID2023/24 organization has unknowingly disclosed confidential author data to some of its jurors.
Therefore, the organization of AMBID2023/24, decided to suspend in this edition, the jurors who received, without any responsibility from them, the aforementioned information, so that the process of selection, nomination and awarding of the photographic works submitted to the competition, more than takes place, demonstrates due independence and impartiality, and thus cannot compromise the trust of the community that follows this type of event, and reinforces its image of seriousness, as the duty of suitability of the event organization and the photography competition judges with the participants of the photography competition is the corollary of the various ethical principles that must support these competitions.
The organization of AMBID2023 would like to thank all competitors and jurors for their understanding, particularly those who gave up their place in this group, reiterating that the trust placed in them, the honesty, integrity and suitability they have always demonstrated, qualities added to the his high technical competence that has brought so much value to this photography competition.
The group of judges who selected and awarded the photographic works submitted to this edition of the photography competition are on this link.

The Coordinating Committee of the AMBID2023/24-19OINPhJ
Ovar, 22nd november 2023

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