17th Ovar Photography Journeys | AMBID2021 – 17OPJ
Photographic Competition “Ambiente Imagens Dispersas 2021”

PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION: Constitution of the Jury
Promoter: Amigos do Cáster
Deadline: Saturday, November 13, 2021
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Pedro Lopes Oliveira

Biography – Born in Ovar, February 22nd, 1978.
From a very early age he shows a strong interest in photography. Back in 2004, he begins to take this hobby more seriously. Since then, collaborations on several areas of photography (fashion, news events, nature photography, sports) appear. Some individual exhibitions also take place.
In early 2007, the passion for photography leaves no room to perform another activity, but devote himself entirely to this art.
Since then, and as a freelance photographer, he has continued to develop and refine techniques and aesthetics that define his path professionally and artistically.

Rubim Almeida

Biography – Dept Professor of Biology of FCUP and Curator of the Herbarium of the University of Porto is author and consultant of the projects Flora Iberica (Madrid) and Atlas Flora Europaeae (Helsinki) and specializing in Phylogeny and Systematics of Angiosperms. Conducts research activity at CIBIO – InBIO Associate Laboratory.
In the field of photography, his interests focus on macrophotography, especially of plants, as well as photography as a teaching tool.

José L. Diniz

Biography – José L. Diniz is a photographer and trainer. He has a postgraduate degree in Design and Visual Culture, a variant of Photography Studies, from IADE, in Lisbon. He was a lecturer in the Photography Course and the Degree in Photography and Visual Culture, from IADE, having been a member of the Installing Committee for this degree. He was linked to journalism specialized in Photography, having been Technical Consultant and Director of the magazine ‘Super Foto Digital’, and member of the Photography Panel of the EISA-European Imaging and Sound Association. He also collaborated with other leading magazines such as ‘O Mundo da Fotografia Digital’ and National Geographic (Portugal), as photographer and columnist. He was a professor of Photographic Technique at the Portuguese Institute of Photography, in Lisbon, having also guided thematic workshops, namely in the fields of night photography, stenopeic (aka “pinhole”) and high speed photography. He has also developed a training activity, in collaboration with several brands of photographic equipment, namely Canon, Olympus, Panasonic and Pentax. He is currently ambassador for Olympus’ OM-D camera line, and responsible for the brand of workshops and training services, PhotograPhylia.

Joaquim Pedro Ferreira

Biography – Joaquim Pedro Ferreira Doctorate in conservation biology and post-doctorate in science promotion and dissemination. He has professional training in journalism in the multimedia area. He is the author of several audiovisual projects and documentaries and television series: “Laboratórios de Natureza”, “Lousada. Reencounter with Nature”, ”Life Lines: Architecture for Wildlife”, “Long Distance Migrators. Between the Tagus and the Arctic” and “Biodiversity in the hypermarket”. He is co-author of more than a dozen books, and has won several awards in the area of scientific knowledge dissemination and nature conservation.

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