16th Ovar Photography Journeys | AMBID2020 – 16OPJ
Photographic Competition “Ambiente Imagens Dispersas 2020”

PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION: Constitution of the Jury
Promoter: Amigos do Cáster
Deadline: Thursday, November 19, 2020
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Mário Lisboa

Mario Lisboa was born within a family of photographers. His great-grandfather, Ricardo Ribeiro, founded in 1892 one of the first photographic studio in Portugal. Thenceforth, and at the same place, 5 generations embraced this art so far.
His objective as a photographer is to capture in images everything that each moment becomes essential to tell a story and bring others a little of his world, contributing to a reflection on the themes that motivate him.

Pedro Lopes Oliveira

Biography – Born in Ovar, February 22nd, 1978.
From a very early age he shows a strong interest in photography. Back in 2004, he begins to take this hobby more seriously. Since then, collaborations on several areas of photography (fashion, news events, nature photography, sports) appear. Some individual exhibitions also take place.
In early 2007, the passion for photography leaves no room to perform another activity, but devote himself entirely to this art.
Since then, and as a freelance photographer, he has continued to develop and refine techniques and aesthetics that define his path professionally and artistically.

Rubim Almeida

Biography – Dept Professor of Biology of FCUP and Curator of the Herbarium of the University of Porto is author and consultant of the projects Flora Iberica (Madrid) and Atlas Flora Europaeae (Helsinki) and specializing in Phylogeny and Systematics of Angiosperms. Conducts research activity at CIBIO – InBIO Associate Laboratory.
In the field of photography, his interests focus on macrophotography, especially of plants, as well as photography as a teaching tool.

Eduardo Ferreira

Biography – Eduardo Ferreira is a biologist, graduated from the University of Aveiro. Her main research focuses are ecology and conservation of biodiversity and wildlife. Throughout his career, the target groups of his research are ungulates, carnivores, as well as reptiles and amphibians. In recent years, it has also been active in environmental education and awareness.
From an early age, he has a great interest in photography, which consolidated when his professional career led him to work more closely with wildlife. As an amateur photographer, his main interest is wildlife photography, which he sees as an opportunity to bring the general public closer to the animals that few have the opportunity to observe in person.

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